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Common Yoga Mistakes Made By Beginners - Errors Made During Yoga Practice

May 14

Whether we are beginners or have already delved deep into the secrets of yoga, there are little things that we often unknowingly miss. Those little things can lead to reducing the effectiveness of yoga and can also endanger our health.

Here, we will take a look at the most common yoga mistakes we consciously or unconsciously may be doing, during our yoga practice.

Forgetting about the breath

If we have difficulty breathing during our practice, that means we push ourselves too hard. As long as we do the poses so that our breath flows naturally, without breaks, it means that we're doing the job right. When we manage to synchronize our breathing with our movements, then the magic of yoga begins.

Skipping the warm-up

Warming-up gradually prepares our body for what we want to do with it. Warming-up is important for boosting our circulation. We can warm up in a variety of ways, and for example, we can start our practice with easier poses and then slowly move on to more advanced poses. This way, we'll greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Focusing on doing the perfect pose

If the pose we perform is not as good as it is with the person next to us, that does not mean it's less effective and doesn't work. Each pose can be customized for an individual. The point of yoga is to stretch and make our bodies more flexible over time, and it's definitely not a competition.

Avoiding rest

When we allow ourselves to rest, we allow our bodies to take advantage of everything we've done. This is the step when the body uses all the benefits of exercise. Resting will give the brain enough time to reap the benefits of exercise, and in return, it'll give a high level of energy, harmony, and peace for the rest of the day.

By becoming aware of these things and trying to avoid them, you'll make huge positive changes in your practice. So the next time you get on your mat, try to avoid these things or stop yourself when you become aware that you are doing them, and watch the quality and results of your practice increase.

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