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Custom printed lunch box

May 14

Custom Printed Lunch Box Vendor in Singapore 

Aquaholic Gifts offers customisation along with printing services for our series of custom printed lunch box along with containers. These superior top quality lunch boxes and additionally containers can be found in various sizes and shapes to satisfy your demands. They differ in products from polypropylene and stainless-steel. Custom Printed Lunch boxes are optimum personalised business presents for school students along with additionally corporates. With healthy living happening a prominent pattern among young people in Singapore, office workers are presently growing the behavior of bringing their very own food from house. Additionally, the existence of lunch boxes reduces taking advantage of styrofoam boxes for takeaway lunches. Food that is being purchased from stalls can be packed directly into these boxes.

You can print your layout artwork, logos or messages on anywhere you desire. Marketing and additionally firm give high usability leaves a stronger effect as contrasted to gifts that are left unblemished. As such, personalised lunch boxes as well as likewise containers are presents that your receivers will certainly appreciate. We can furthermore resource for comparable unique items that are not in our brochure. Call Aquaholic Gifts today for a detailed customisation solution or custom corporate gifts for your promotional needs