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Copen Grand EC will include a cityscape for community events

Oct 19

Copen Grand EC, which is located in District 24 of the recently created Tengah Town District, was made possible by a collaboration between CDL and MCL Land. A parcel of land with a surface area of 22.020 square meters, or 61.659 acres, is where Copen Grand is situated. 12 blocks with a minimum of 14 stories each have been constructed on the plot. The strongest connectivity to the transportation network is anticipated to be provided by this project. The project's BCA Green Mark Platinum accreditation and low energy efficiency rating demonstrate how well-thought-out and well-designed the concept is. It ensures that the area's inhabitants will live in a sustainable and ecologically sound future.

The most recent structure to be added to Tengah's residential complex is the brand-new Copen Grand EC. The Copen Grand condo is slated to be a beautiful structure with 615 homes jammed onto a quarter of an acre. Taurus Properties (SG), a division of City Developments Limited and a participant in a joint venture with MCL Land, is the developer. Tengah Garden Walk is close to three MRT stations, the Pan Island Expressway, and the town center, which is expected to be car-free in a few years.

The construction site has a total surface area of 22,020 square meters and a floor area of 61.659 acres. The 12 blocks that make up the 621 residential units on the development site have a total height of 14 stories.

Copen Grand EC development of the township will have several green amenities, like smart condos and low-rise structures. Sustainability and design along with technological advances are crucial to the growth. The development will address problems with pollution and around the town, as well as the lack of green spaces in Singapore. Additionally the development will permit residents to be able to easily get to Singapore's CBD and other places.

Copen Grand EC is close to the sporting and medical facilities used by Singapore's populace, which is expanding quickly. Due to its prime location close to Tengah, the MRT station that is now under development, the brand-new and exciting project is only two minutes from the city. With the help of contemporary amenities and public transit, it is also connected to the entire city region. For those seeking the ideal new house in Singapore, Copen Grand EC is the best option. The MRT Station in Singapore is conveniently close to the property. The Chinese School of Chinese, auditoriums, auditoriums, and other facilities are all available at EC, which is enormous and in a great position.

The primary facility for the community, which is close to Copen Grand EC, will include a sizable infrastructure and a bustling social hub. Three MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line are connected to the town's downtown, and there are many of restaurants and stores there as well. Along with a sports facility, Copen Grand EC will also have an urban area that can serve as a venue for neighborhood gatherings. In addition, the town is probably home to the newest HDB neighborhood centers designed expressly to satisfy local people' needs.

Tengah Forest Town will be built close to The Bukit Timah Natural Reserve along with other forest areas. The idea that will be the principal purpose of Copen Grand EC is derived from nature. The area surrounding the development is covered by vegetation. There are a variety of pollinators such as insects and plants that attract attention to the area. The water sources of different sources can help clean the air.