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Stamped Concrete - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Dec 5

Stamped Concrete - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co


Have you thought about sprucing your concrete with a new look on limited funds? Perhaps you could create a place that's unique from other without breaking the bank? No matter what, stamped cement is perfect for you. This is why we at Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co are ready to help you with your stamped concrete requirements.


Concrete stamping is a great way to give your concrete surfaces new life. This process can transform your common concrete finish into a artwork. It is possible to select from a range of colors, textures and designs. Also, you can embosse the design to mimic other materials.


Concrete stamping offers your home the opportunity to save money on paving materials. These include the likes of bricks and tiles. The great thing of it is that this doesn't affect the durability as well as its aesthetics. Also, you can utilize this technique on a variety of concrete surfaces. It's great for decks, patios, driveways, driveways, and even more.


Advantages of Stamped Concrete


Also known as decorative concrete stamped concrete can be a real benefit in terms of appearance, efficiency, and cost savings. In order to give you a clearer overview of the benefits we're discussing Here are the main advantages of stamped concrete:


More Durability

It is tough enough to withstand all weather conditions temperatures, temperatures, and other damaging elements. If it is built correctly, as any concrete surface, it will be used for a number of years. Therefore, the requirement for an expert installing it. Additionally, concrete surfaces that are stamped are durable enough to handle traffic and wear.


Minimum Maintenance

Concrete decorative surfaces are maintenance-free regardless of color or texture. You can wash off the dust with a hose or remove debris using an ordinary sweeper. Unlike concrete pavers, stamped concrete surfaces do not settle or loose. Furthermore, they do not require replacement or reconfiguring.


Easy Installation Process

A large number of concrete workers find it simple and more affordable in pouring concrete than install individual paving stones manually. Constructing a concrete slab or making a pattern takes less time than installing pavers piece by piece.


Adds Value to Your Property

Stamped concrete instantly increases curb appeal. Additionally, it enhances the aesthetic worth of your property. A decision to choose stamped concrete over plain concrete can help you maximize the returns on your investment.



Stamped concrete can be a good alternative to costly construction materials. This method mimics high-end materials like natural stone, brick ceramic, tile, and wood. It's costly than less expensive simple concrete. It's nevertheless, more affordable relative to the genuine varieties of these materials. Typically, decorative concrete is priced around $9 to $16.25 every square foot. However, for top-quality designs and custom designs it can be a bit higher. Furthermore, since stamped concrete is easy to maintain it is a great way to save in long-term maintenance.


Stamped Concrete Projects


It is our pleasure to work with you. Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co have decades of experience in delivering superior stamped concrete designs. We provide realistic representations of costly materials at a low price. So, we're the preferred concrete contractor in your Knoxville, TN area.


Our company offers stamping on various concrete projects such as:


  • Concrete Patio
  • Concrete Driveway
  • Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Resurfacing


We make concrete that is standard more attractive and distinctive. We can create your dream outdoor patio design, or even replicate the flooring pattern in concrete for less money. Our company offers a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and textures you can select from. We also do individual design you require if you're looking for an individualized approach to the concrete you want to build.


The Way We Go About It


At Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co take satisfaction in our concrete stamping work. Our company is a leader in concrete stamping business operating in Knoxville, Tennessee, to the present. To ensure that we will only offer the finest quality stamped concrete we adhere to these steps:


Step 1: Assessment


Our team ensures that stamped area is able to be used for overlay. Therefore, we look to see if there are any minor imperfections as well as make repairs if needed. If we find a damaged slab, we will suggest replacing it prior to stamping. If you're working on a new concrete structure, we analyze the area , particularly the soil condition. We ensure it's the right soil for the project because the soil's condition can impact the production of the work.


Step 2 2. Preparation


We make sure the surface is free of dirt prior to pouring the overlay. This is essential to ensure that the overlay adheres to it. If the overlay has been used before, we sand them off first. In this way, we will be able to begin on a clean, blank slate. Additionally, this process includes the transportation of the materials to the location. The fact that we have everything we require on site will allow us to begin and finish the project on time.


Step 3. Pouring overlay


Once the space is set after which we can begin pouring our overlay. Our team of concrete experts make sure that we pour it on top, spread, and then smooth it out. We then stamp it using mats with your favorite patterns or designs. We customize the surface we stamp, too. Based on your preferences, that surface may be scored, engraved, or stained.


Step 4 Step 4: Sealing


In order to complete the process, we put a layer of concrete sealer on top of the stamped concrete. It adds a protective layer, as well as a little shine. It also helps enhance your chosen colors if you select stained-looking look. Concrete sealers also help expand the life span for any surface made of concrete. You can be assured that we use the most effective concrete sealers in order to produce top-quality quality results.

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