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Things You Should Know about Armchairs and Accent Chairs

May 11

Decorating your home is not challenging, thanks to the good work Chromcraft furniture is doing. With numerous designs and trending furniture styles available in their collection, you can decorate your house creatively. Accent chairs are modern furniture styles to create a statement in your living room. You can purchase it as a combination or as a single piece. 

Many modern-style living room furniture comprises one big couch and two accent chairs. Swivel dining chair can make a perfect choice for large or small rooms. Two armchairs will make a great addition to compact spaces that look crammed with large couches. Choose modern armchairs or accent chairs that match your interior wallpapers and theme. With that, your living room will create a statement. 

Differences Between Accent Chairs And Armchairs

Accents and armchairs are important pieces of Caster chairs for your living space. Even though an armchair can play the role of an accent chair and may have similar looks, their functions aren’t the same. Armchairs have arms, while accent chairs don’t. 


The biggest difference between the two is their functionality. Castered chairs can work as an accent chair. If it is a decorative item that stands out in your space, it's accent furniture. Accent chairs don’t have arms; they can be simple chairs that accommodate one individual each and add a special design component to your room. Dinette chair furniture without arms is an accent chair. 

The Function Of An Accent Chair

The key purpose of an accent chair is to provide enough seating space. However, its purpose exceeds that. In the same way, an accent chair creates a focal point in your space, highlighting vibrant colors or adding drama to a dull room. This chair features a unique pattern and style, unlike the armchair, which resembles a Caster dining chair piece. In some cases, an accent chair is used to form a contrast with the interior décor. For example, if you’ve chosen a neutral theme for your interior, your accent chairs will have a vibrant and bright color that stands out from the other décor and furnishing. 

On the other hand, an armchair serves as a simple seating space that complements your love seats, sofa, couch and other furniture pieces.

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